April 18, 2019

Hypnobirthing for Kate Middleton – A science-backed solution for expecting mothers

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is using hypnobirthing techniques for the delivery of the Royal Family’s new addition.  This word hypno is often confused with stage show hypnosis where a person seems under the spell of the hypnotist.  In actuality, hypnosis enhances the control of the person being hypnotised. It enables them to control aspects of their body and mind that they did not know could be done. A powerful tool for somebody through childbirth.

Hypnotherapy has been officially accepted as a legitimate service for patients from the British Medical Society and American Medical Association for decades.  On top of birthing, there have been additional case studies showing hypnotherapy benefits for surgery, dentistry, cancer therapy and more. In 2007 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported 200 breast cancer patients who were split between hypnotherapy and empathic listening.  The results for the breast cancer patients who had the hypnotherapy showed less post-surgery pain, required less painkilling analgesics during the surgery, and reduced surgical time for their operations.

The hypnobirthing sessions are designed to help the pregnant women gain control during the birthing process through relaxation techniques involving breathing exercises and visualisation.  The visualisation is a core component: we have been bombarded as a society on the pains of childbirth, from movies; hardly an example of an easy delivery.  This causes a lot of fear and anxiety for women and can create the problem of a painful birth simply from the mind expecting the same scenario.  Also, the delivery room and birthing day is full of noise, unfamiliar surroundings and people, a hectic environment – all of which adds to the anxiety pressure.

Visualisation along with breathing techniques help women giving birth to remain in control of the day, regardless of the external forces. Research backs up hypnobirthing as a great tool for many women.  It has proven to reduce pain, shorten labour time, and have fewer complications than birthing without hypnotherapy.  Being in the right state of mind will help to release the natural chemicals (endorphins and oxytocin), which will make birthing easier.

This does not mean that hypnobirthing is the cure all and that hypnotherapy is a complete substitute for epidurals and analgesics. But the question for birthing mothers is this:

“If you could take a treatment that doesn’t interfere with standard hospital birthing procedures and gives you a high chance of being more relaxed, in less discomfort, having a quicker birth and fewer complications, would you take it?”

This is the question that Kate Middleton most likely answered ‘yes’ to, because hypnobirthing is a proven medical treatment, works for most women, has no downside, and is a gift for both mother and baby. We are excited to hear from the new mother Kate and wish her well on her delivery day. If you are looking into hypnobirthing as a technique to use for your own upcoming delivery or would like to give this gift to another, please contact me for more information today.

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