• Louise Moore
    Top UK Harley Street Hypnotherapist
    International Wellbeing Practitioner
    Founder of LifeMatters Clinics &
    LifeMatters Training College.

Louise is an expert in the field of advanced clinical hypnotherapy and a highly sort after International Wellbeing Practitioner. Louise has 28 years experience of dedicated work in private practice, she is passionate and committed to helping you achieve fast, effective, life changing results.

If something is holding you back and you are struggling to achieve your goals, if you need support with any mental, emotional or physical wellbeing issue such as anxiety or addictions, then Louise is here to help. Louise offers her understanding, expert knowledge and unique way of working, helping you to achieve your best outcome.

LifeMatters Training College is for those who wish to study a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy,Psychotherapy and NLP Diploma, accredited by the GHSC general hypnotherapy standards council. Louise will be your tutor and with her wealth of experience will support you through to your own success in achieving professional registration and accreditation with the GHR general hypnotherapy register.



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